The Revd Tariro Matsveru

My name is Tariro Matsveru and I am the Assistant Curate here at All Saints Church. I grew up in a Christian family and was active in church from Sunday School to being part of the Youth Group. Coming from a country that does not yet ordain women, I never thought that I had a calling or that I would one day be a priest. It was while doing my Masters that I really started questioning God about where he wanted me. Many people had come to me and asked me why I wasn’t in ministry, but I always brushed them off because my heart was set on doing medicine. Then God started to reveal a lot of things both to me, and through other people, and I realised I could not ignore where and what he was calling me to. I went on to study Theology at Cranmer Hall, part of St John’s College in Durham. Prior to this, I worked for Ipswich Hospital and for the Diocese of Birmingham as a Mission Apprentice.